Ever tipped someone for good service and felt amazing?


No worries, now is your chance to share some love!

Having spent over a decade learning my subject and cataloging my experiences, I know how tough it is to keep going under the constant pressure of ill health. Arthritiscure.me is my labour of love and gift to the world.  The site has taken an incredible mountain of energy, effort and love to get up and running and I hope it will stay available to sufferers of arthritic conditions for generations to come.

Helping others gives me so much joy that I feel compelled to give my life in service to others? This means I will continue to improve this site and it’s information indefinitely, I give my time freely where possible, in an effort to enable people to live healthy, happy pain free lives.

But it’s not easy.

What about the ads?

I did not start this blog as money-making venture. If I had, it would look VERY different.

IF that was the aim, arthritiscure.me would be plastered with ads like most sites.

I don’t want you to have that experience,  it is my aim for you to have the best information for free!
There are ads on this site and I would love to get rid of them, but they play an important, if small, part in keeping this site alive. However, I promise to never use pop up ads or invasive techniques to make money.

arthritiscure.me all is about sharing valuable information on healing arthritis related diseases, and living a healthy life with the support of nutrition and natural therapies.
ALL of the information you need to live a better life is available within these pages for FREE .

That said, arthritiscure.me is NOT a non-profit or not-for-profit.

The monthly expenses of running this thing are outrageous! Creating and maintaining content on this site is a joy, and I  love what I do behind the scenes, but it’s difficult to provide the basic things that I need to live and serve this site. For years I’ve gone without, done without and made almost no money whilst putting this labour of love together.

This site isn’t just provided by me?

Many of the people who have been helped by arthritscure.me owe a special debt of gratitude to my brother Pete. His unending support allowed me to produce this website during my toughest years and without him there would be more suffering in this world.

Pete knows the emotional burden of having a terribly sick and disabled brother, were guys we don’t talk about it, but I know he knows I love him for helping me achieve my life’s dream.
He has worked ceaselessly to allow me to bring my information to you and as a result has unknowingly changed the world for the better with his kindness.
He believed in me because he saw the miraculous efforts and results I dragged out of myself daily and he appreciates that this effort is special. We also appreciate that this site is a part of me now and is profoundly valuable to my well being in ways that money, stuff, personal success or plastic fame can never match.

For that reason my information will remain free for those who seek to be better.

We have both changed a great deal as life has taught us the tough lessons. For that I am eternally sorry and grateful to Pete in equal measure and I hope Pete understands the deep gratitude I have towards him.

Truth is, I worked without almost any income for 12 years! Supported by Pete and then helping with work once I started to regain my health and mobility.
My time spent incapacitated has not been wasted though.  I have managed to learn how to code and get this website up and running, but that pales into insignificance at the knowledge and personal renewal I have gained from having the blessed opportunity to be more than I could of ever imagined.

My work is a kind of spiritual journey, god knows I have spent enough time searching for answers within and without, I see this work as devine and humble work that must be done. My inner knowing compels me to carry it out to the very best of my ability and within the financial and time constraints that this happy burden places upon me.

Always believing in the possibilities and the universes ability to surprise and provide…it always seems to come through just in time?  I now have the unerring faith that others will help as they have done in the past and we’ll get there somehow.

I am motivated by the following things:

1) Knowing that people are suffering needlessly.

2) Knowing that I can help people.
Whether that be through personal meetings, writing helpful posts, linking to vital content sources, sharing my experiences, taking skype or phone consultations, advising people in forums or sharing the latest news and inspirational stories from around the web. I understand the power of these things and know they can bring hope and a happy ending to my fellow sufferers.

I must try harder to help every day!

There is a saying …The hand that gives gathers.
I like to think that I’m paying it forward, and I have the faith that one day I’ll break even or maybe even make a little bit of money from this extraordinary life?

You have a chance to join me in paying it forward. Not just for me but for all the other sufferers of arthritis and disability. Together we can move the discussion of integrated medicine along and be part of the change we want to see in the world.

I can’t think of a better way to work, or a better way to reward someone, and make a difference to others in the process. Restoring health is everyone’s dream and I would like to share in that with you because it’s the same hope I have for you and disabled millions!

But I’m not there yet.

People do want to help

Over the years and different versions of this blog, people have made me aware that they would like to contribute financially.
For this reason I created this donate page….. I didn’t even know such a thing was possible?
My community has helped give back by providing this opportunity for me to increase the sites revenue and I am sincerely grateful to all of those who continue to help and have helped in the past.

Hopefully you’ll find great benefit in my site? Maybe you’ll be touched or healed sufficiently to want to share your gratitude for all the hard work Pete and I have put into this wonderful but tiring labour of love. I hope so. 🙂

Please donate…….


You can help us on our mission by pressing the button below or by adding your valuable and appreciated gift to the widget in the right sidebar.

Thank You!!

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