Welcome to arthritiscure.me Accountability app.

Revolutionise the way you interact with your health.
Join me and discover how powerful you can be when you join our two minds and a computer together. Allow me to interact with you through the app and provide you with the best information and most up to date information which will bring out the best you.

Our cutting edge technology will help you easily integrate new behaviours into your routine by giving you the information you need to make better choices.
Let’s work together to take the uncertainty out of the process of being better. Our app will instantly update you with easy to understand charts that graphically represent your progress!

Set Your Body Goals

Set your goals and track your progress daily.
The simple trackers in our app include:

Waist Size

Experience New Ways of Eating

Nutrition is vital in disease here you’ll find recipes and meal plans designed to help you reach your goals.
In this section of the app you’ll find your daily meal plans including:
Shopping lists
Food diary
Suggestions on What to eat
What Not to Eat!

Right in the app you can record all of the good foods you ate and all of the bad!

Track Your Fitness Results

Make sports fun again!
Recording your fitness just became totally automated. No need to log anything by hand.  Our app is compatible with fitbit and apple fitness technologies,  allowing you to concentrate on your goals whilst the app does the heavy lifting.

Monitor Your Condition

Monitoring your condition is essential if you want to know how your plan is progressing. Let our one click app take the strain out recording your moods and condition. Measuring your progress has never been so easy.

Document and Journal Your Progress

Journals are essential when we’re trying to build an overview of our stressful lives. Recording your thoughts with our voice recording makes this often daunting task so easy. Lay back and relax as you recover from your exercise and speak your thoughts directly into text.

Time Your Meditation

Set your daily meditation goals and record your results with our awesome meditation timer. No harsh alarms here, just simple tones that will gently bring you back to the physical. Every session is recorded and charted so you know exactly where you’ve been spending your time.

Full List Of Plan Features

Our courses usually run for 28-30 days.
Some of the more in depth elimination courses do run for longer but this is to allow the client to record their data whilst reintroducing problem foods tot heir diet.
Our maximum course length is 66 days.

1 hour set up consultation
All courses will include a 1-hour consultation where we will set up your app and teach you how to get the very best out of your time with us.

Every plan will receive 2 hours of life coaching chat. You may choose the format. It could be via phone call, video chat, simple text chat.  

Full SMS support is available inside the app

On completion of your plan, you will receive a pie charted plan of all of your efforts combined. This detailed examination of your plan and the activities you have engaged in will be one of the most revealing data sets of your entire journey.

The diet plans included in the app are all created by a nutritionist and aim to give you the average nutrient values needed to support a healthy average individual.

The diet plans included in the app are all created by a nutritionist and aim to give you the average nutrient values needed to support a healthy average individual.

Several times during the day you will receive tailored motivational messages to keep you on track. I will personally choose these messages for you based on my feedback with you during our consultation.

App Features

You do want to be accountable for your actions, don’t you? I’ll be here day and night to make sure you deal with the tough stuff in the right way.
The app allows you to send me pictures of the recipes you are eating. I will be right with you all the way as your enforcer.
I simpy won’t allow you to let me or yourself down.
No cheating here!

Track your symptoms in the app and record your progress.
Measure your mental and physical symptoms in a variety of domains including:
energy Levels
Mental symptoms
Joint Pian
Brain Fog
Bowel Movements

Track your mood changes in the app against the rhythms of your life and the foods you eat..

Our beautiful meditation timer will set you a timed meditation and then bring you back to the physical realm with soothing tones.

All of the diet plans are backed by a ready-made shopping list. Take the strain out of shopping and make don’t waste a thing!
This take-anywhere shopping list which gives you everything you need week by week is essential to getting the right results and staying on track.

Track your weight over the period of your plan and reach your goals.

Whether you’re walking, swimming, running or hitting the gym hard we have your exercise record covered right inside the app.

Sometimes keeping data alone just isn’t enough. I’m a big fan of journaling and had to have this essential option right in my pocket so I could look back and see where I had been previously going wrong.

Add your apple health app or Fitbit to the app and stay connected to your monumental  physical efforts

Do you have a supplement regime you follow?
Share it with us and we’ll upload your plan into the app so you never forget to take your supplements.

Our amazing recipes are as tasty as they are healthy. Your plan will include seven structured meals for you to enjoy throughout your day.