Nothing Can Stop You.
How you act in every moment is the major determining factor in how your life turns out.
Taking care of your body with diet is the least we should do if we wish to remain healthy.

Please allow me to walk hand in hand with you as we go create more life!


Make Good Choices

A Good Diet Starts With Good Choices



Providing optimum nutrient Levels is vital for disease resolution!


Fill Deficiencies

Good assimilation limits the need for supplementation.



Effective Elimination Keeps Damaging Toxin Levels Low

How did my Arthritis Journey Start?

When arthritis first came into my life at 27 years old I didn’t quite know what to make of it, of course, I knew I was in pain but I wasn’t aware of the life-changing consequences my former lifestyle was about to have on my future.


As my body gradually ground to a halt it would soon become clear that making simple small changes, like taking cod-liver oil supplements, trying to eat more healthily while cutting down on things like alcohol, would not be enough to turn around the ship of disease.
You have been warned!

As the disease took hold of me, and I became bedridden, my mind swirled with thoughts of what the future held for me

I didn’t take any medical drugs because I’d read all about the damaging potential side-effects and was frightened to death of killing myself so young. I certainly didn’t want to end up damaging myself irreparably with fibrosis of the lungs at 27 years old.
I was idealistic and somewhat foolish but I believed that I still had a chance to turn this around and I wasn’t ready to give up my future just yet.

What results are other people having with natural methods?

The work I do today attempts to help people turn around their disease experience more quickly than I could.
Over the last 16 years, I have had incredible results, but it is my firmly held belief that I can change the course of this disease in a matter of weeks rather than the years it took me to defeat it.


My research on this disease is non stop and has been without ceasing for the last 16 years. II can say honestly say that believe  I am there the only person on the planet who has successfully rebuilt his body from such levels of massive joint destruction despite having metabolic syndrome and taking no drugs. Not even pain drugs!

The valuable experience I now possess has helped thousands and it could help you!
If I can have a pain-free future with good movement, and a much lower likelihood of contracting comorbidities, then I’m sure others can follow my path, and many have with great success

Don’t we all just want to be better?

I believe we can all be better in many different ways! in fact, that’s the tagline of my site! I would like you all to be better in every way! I’d like us all to put everything we’ve got into everything we do.
If we truly walk the walk and talk the talk disease has no chance. Please remember that.
We can become better people and use every system of the body to epigenetically accelerate our recovery. 


In this website, I’ll be attempting to describe the most beneficial hints, tips, tricks, foods, supplements, lotions, potions, techniques, alternative therapies, and everything that I’ve had success with on my arthritis Journey.

What can I bring to your journey?

I’ll be attempting to shed light on the subjects I cover with scientific knowledge where possible, but please be aware that some of the studies on these compounds and substances have not yet been fully undertaken

I believe that we face a better future now that we have greater choice in how to live
And in that, I mean that we cannot only alter our own responses to life so that we become better people, but that we also have a world where food is readily available and herbs and other substances in ways that were not available to our ancestors
The world is changed and we must change with it, and along with that scientific knowledge must also change

My experience in so many domains has taught me that when we bring together scientific domains that are not normally associated together we can get great Leverage on disease
For example, the work I’ve done in sports nutrition and some of the techniques for exercising bodybuilding and some of the supplements that are also available in that domain are very valuable and have been overlooked by the scientific community and that’s a great shame.

Why is my knowledge valuable?

I hope to bring to you a wide and varied view of all of the options that are open to us.  The main topics I will be covering include diet, exercise, supplementation, meditation and mindfulness common detoxification, exercise and living.

These topics are not unfamiliar to many people in the arthritis sphere, but I will attempt to expand them in new ways.
I feel I am the ideal person to do this because am not tied to any medical convention. However, I always try to keep very strictly to the science! Being free of dogma allows me to explore the boundaries of what is possible for us who aren’t getting relief. 

I simply have more time than the average doctor to range across these different domains, trying every single supplement, food, nutrient, and modality out there as I go.

My experience is valuable and vital to this community because it real lived in experience that was brought about by the absolute necessity of not dying!  No person on this earth could possibly put together such a wealth of experience merely for exchange of currency units or some other kind of reward.

You really do have to be dying and terrified out of your wits to research, learn and to change yourself in the ways that I have done.

What drives my passion?

Once I was out of disease I didn’t stop there.  I’ve been on a mission and told many people how to resolve inflammation and rebuild their bodies.

This culminated in the extraordinary experiences I have had with the beautiful love of my life Gwen.

Gwen was incredibly sick when we first started talking about physical regeneration and rheumatoid arthritis.
For the last two years, I’ve been feverishly researching all autoimmune diseases, and their pathogenesis, in a desperate attempt to stop disease progression in the one I love

My motivations are pure!  There is no greater motivation than the necessity of saving the life of the one that you love.  It is greater motivation than saving even your own life

You may think I’m crazy for jumping back into a state of disease when I’d nearly killed myself and was now healed and off ready to go into a new life! But, that’s what I did because I love to help, I love to give, and I love to give more life and create more life in other people.
Watching sick people beat disease and then venture out into the world to create beautiful things in their own lives. Is my passion

I believe your arthritis free future is out there, because I’ve seen it manifest in the lives of so many others. I have seen supplements have a tremendous effect on the body,  foods that revolutionise nourish and strengthen bone and muscle, I’ve seen little known experimental supplements regenerate bodies, and I’ve seen meditation clear the mind and the way for tremendous transformations the physical world could never hope to match.

Please join me on this shared journey of discovery, Because I know we can do this together.

We can win! 


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