These small fragrant fruits are known and loved the world over, they actually have an enormous variety of different uses from making your Vodka look pretty to making your clothes and things in your house smell pretty but we aren’t interested in any of that!!!!!

We know you guys want lemon Juice facts so that’s what you’re going to get

The History

No one knows for sure where lemons originally came from, Southern India is the best guess but there is good reason to believe that the Lemon may be a hybrid between oranges and the citron fruit. We know that it was known in Jerusalem in 90 BC and entered Europe soon thereafter. After many centuries of European life, lemons made it to America with Christopher Columbus, and would eventually be tested as a cure for scurvy, even though no one had made the connection between scurvy and  Vitamin C at that time

The Benefits

-Restore PH balance in your body

-Cleanse liver detoxes

-Flush out kidneys

-Enhanced weight loss

-Get rid of intestinal parasites

-Increased concentration and feelings of alertness

-Get rid of bad breath

-Alleviate travel sickness

The Juice


If you can eat lemons, more power to you. For the vast majority of people, juicing a lemon is the only way to get the health benefits that they can provide. Even better, when you juice lemons, you can ingest much more than you could by eating, without the feeling of fullness.

Perhaps a slice or two in tea or water, but that is it. In fact, you can use your juicer to create lemon juice concentrate that can be used in a variety of drinks to give an incredible flavor

Choosing Your Lemons

When choosing a lemon, take a good look at it. It should be heavy and firm, but not hard. The skin should also be smooth with little or no bumps on it. The smoother and thinner the skin, the more juice you are likely to get,  also it usually means that there will be fewer seeds inside, which aren’t of any use to you.

Tips For Juicing

-Always wash your lemons before juicing. No need to invite bacteria along on your juicing adventure.

-If you have a hard time cleaning up after juicing. Place a plastic bag into your pulp basket.

-Run any lemon pulp back through the juicer if it is still moist. There are still nutrients in it!

-you’ve heard the saying ‘use it or lose it’ well the same applies to juice, the longer it’s stored the fewer nutrients you are left with

-Always buy organic when it’s possible, you can now get organic lemons in most UK supermarkets

What Should You Mix Lemons With?






Getting Started with juicing lemons

Now that you know the basics of lemon juicing, you can get started for yourself. Lemons are great for your health and almost impossible to eat, raw so what better fruit could there be for juicing 🙂 Take a good look around the site for recipes that have lemons in them and give them a try.

Make yourself a great, health-improving drink.

Nutritional Data

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