The Lexen healthy juicer could be the answer if you have the urge to start juicing but don’t want the expense of an electrically powered juicer.


Lexen healthy juicer

Cheap, lightweight, portable and beautifully designed , what more could you ever want from a juicer? With fantastic quality juice as standard and some of the driest pulp around you know your getting super value for money. The lexen Healthy juicer is one of the cheapest juicers on the market but don’t be fooled by the low cost, this is a high quality, well designed and robust  product.

The Lexen juicer is endorsed and sold by Michael Bergonzi, the former greenhouse manager at the world renowned Hippocrates health institute, the worlds leading alternative health and wheat grass therapy centre, You know your in good company when you add this juicer to your healthy living kit.

Light weight and compact enough to take with you when you travel,  the Lexen healthy juicer is a must for any juicing enthusiast who likes camping or caravaning.  An often overlooked benefit of this little juicer is it’s suitability to off grid, low impact living, it’s extremely well suited to area’s of the world where electricity isn’t readily available.

You might be thankful for this juicing marvel in times of food shortage as most people wouldn’t consider eating forage items like nettles and dandelions and don’t  use wheat grass or leafy green vegetables as part of their diet.


My new juicer

I’m not the kind of person who’s into reading instruction books, I’m a hands on type of guy so when I first got hold of my new lexen healthy juicer I couldn’t wait to get that box open and check out it’s contents.

Like a child a Christmas the contents were spilled out onto the counter top with wide eyed amazement, only for me to find after several frustrated attempts at assembly I didn’t know what I was doing. After a few crafty peeps at the instruction manual I finally worked out what was going on, so to save you guy’s any confusion here’s a little set up guide for the Lexen healthy juicer.

Box contents

Lexen healthy juicer parts

lexen healthy juicer components


So how do all these pieces fit together?

juicer assembly

Lexen juicer assembly

So you’re at the stage where you need to fix the thing to the table…….

Firstly if you’re fixing the juicer to a perfectly flat surface like a kitchen worktop you can use the suction cup base, this is operated using the black nob on the side of the juicer base, this is very difficult to turn sufficiently by hand so please use the specially designed white plastic handle shown in the first illustration above.

If you don’t have a flat surface or the surface is porous you can use the stainless steel clamp that’s supplied with the juicer, the clamp fits into the hole in the back of the juicer and screws to the bottom of the surface you’re mounting the juicer to

stainless steel clamp

Fixing the Lexen juicer to a table using the clamp

If you were wondering where the juice comes out, then I can understand your confusion, it took me a while to figure that the juice comes out of the back of the machine underneath the handle, the juice jug is specially designed to wrap around the machine and catch the juice.

The handy sieve goes on top of the juice jug and stops any of your produce from spilling out of the hopper and into your lovely new juice as your feeding it into the machine. Nothing comes out of the front end of the machine but the pulp.


So what’s it like to operate?

There’s something about the Lexen healthy juicer……. Almost like you’ve been transported back to a simpler time, as you feed the produce into the machine and turn the handle you kind of appreciate the act of juicing more than you would if you were simply throwing produce into an electrically powered juicer, it does take a bit of winding but if your only making small batches of juice for one or two people then it’s really not a problem.


Juice yield

At the moment we haven’t had the time to sufficiently test the Lexens juice yield against any other machines but that’s not really the point of this article, what I can say is that the wheat grass that we juiced to test the machine looked to provide an excellent yield and the juice looked and tasted amazing, this machine produces very little foam and a surprising amount of juice.

We’ll run a more thorough test on yield in the coming days and weeks, check back here for a look at our upcoming youtube videos