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Angel juicer, The King of Masticating juicers

Angel juicer, what can we say about the legendary Korean juicer that everyone wants but few can afford?

Read on to find out….


Angel juicer History


The angel juicer was the idea of Korean engineer and organic juice fanatic Mr Moon Hyun Lee, Mr Lee’s background in engineering allowed him to design what is (in our opinion) the finest juicer available today. Originally Mr Lee was in partnership with another korean gentleman Mr Jong Gill Kim. The engineer and businessman formed a partnership and  the Angel juicer Company was born. Research and development of the first juicer started in 1982  but after an acrimonious split in 1986 Mr Lee and Mr Kim went their separate ways with Mr Kim continuing development of his Green power juicer (which we will review in a later post) and Mr Lee going off in search of his own juicing solution, the angel juicer.

There have been many different incarnations of the angel juicer over the years but today we are going to concentrate on the middle of the road Angel 7500, because that’s the one I originally purchased for myself back in 2012 and have had the pleasure of using on a daily basis ever since.


Angel juicer features

  • Looks fabulous 
  • Twin gear
  • Low speed cold press juicer
  • 100% Stainless steel construction
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Removes 95% of all pesticides
  • 3HP Grinding force
  • Quiet operation
  • Simple to use
  • Easy to clean
  • The only seed juice extractor in the world
  • The only juicer than can extract the nutrients from within cellulose fibres
  • Has the highest extraction rate of any twin gear juicer
  • Auto reverse feature to protect the motor from over feeding
  • Makes 1 litre of Carrot juice in 5 minutes
Angel Juicing Gears

Stainless steel juicing gears




Living with the Angel juicer


Speaking as someone who has been juicing for the last several years I can honestly say that I’ve used just about every juicer that’s ever been made, I’ve personally brought them all with my own money and used them all for my own juicing needs, they all have their  differences and some are more versatile than others but if your really into juicing for your own health and you want the best for yourself, then I can only recommend that you take the plunge and go for the super angel juicer.

Super angel juicers aren’t cheap but if you look at it in the same way that I do, your making an investment in your future health. What better investment could you make for yourself and your family?

I find the Super angel juicer is very quick and easy to use, I juice every morning before I leave for the office so I’m always in a hurry and it takes no more than 10 minutes to prep and juice the produce and clean the juicers parts ready for the next juicing session. The left over pulp is extremely dry so there’s no problem with just putting it in the kitchen bin if your in a hurry. Personally I like to add the pulp to my compost heap but that’s another story.

Cleaning is so simple, literally all you need to do is give the gears a quick rinse under the tap (warm water if juicing coconut) and a quick scrub with the specially designed brush and your good to go. All of the things you need are supplied with the juicer so your ready to get started straight out of the box.

I was introduced to the super angel juicer by a friend who lives on the south coast of Spain, they grow wheat grass commercially and sell frozen wheat grass juice, they have several of these machines that are in daily use, they swear by their reliability and I purchased my juicer upon their recommendation. Our own machine has performed flawlessly for the last 14 months and long may it continue.

Do I have an interest in selling these juicers? NO, these juicers are sold only by official distributors and we have no affiliation with any of them, this is just a summary of my personal experience with this juicer and you can see me using and cleaning the juicer in the video below





So to summarise,

  1. Yes it’s expensive but over the long term you’ll probably save money,  owing to it’s greater juice yield your going to be buying less produce
  2. You’ll save valuable time on clean up and re assemble of the juicer and time is so valuable these day’s
  3. The juice is of a superior quality with higher vitamin and mineral content and contains less pesticides
  4.  Looks fabulous and isn’t as bulky as some other juicers
  5. Tank like build quality on both the machine and the juice screen
  6. Super dry pulp
  7. Stainless steel construction means there’s no breakable plastics to contaminate your juice or to prevent the juicers operation
  8. It’s a breeze to clean, really it couldn’t be any simpler
  9. It’s going to bring on serious juicer envy amongst your friends
  10. Would I buy another? Absolutely









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