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This site contains the views of a rheumatoid arthritis patient who bought about arthritis remission by using natural methods, and understands how to live in ways that make health an expected future outcome.

Please read the information below on how I naturally restored my health and rebuilt my body after rheumatoid arthritis. Discover all the information in your own time, but please understand that ALL of the techniques and modalities covered in this website have helped me to get where I am today and into rheumatoid arthritis remission.

Implementing these steps in your life today will save you from suffering later.

All of the treatments included in this website have been equally important to my rehabilitation, and every single approach covered was used with an open mind and a healthy degree of initial scepticism.

My research lead to me understand that each natural treatment was valuable to different people at different times of their disease. I found that what worked for one person didn’t always have the same effect in another person? What that meant was that these substances needed work, respect, formulation and constant revisiting for everyone to get the best from them.

With that in mind, I approached each treatment and healing food with the hope and expectation that it would work as advertised, and help bring about arthritis remission! Even if I was only invoking the placebo effect or encouraging the natural healing response by doing this.
However, being healthy takes more than just being hopeful! It takes hope and continued hard work.
The kind of work that keeps us eating cleanly, thinking positive thoughts, and learning how to nourish the internal environment so whole health is promoted.

In research spanning over a decade I experimented with these treatments and gained a great respect for their power. These natural products reduced my symptoms and helped my body ease into arthritis remission. Without them I would have truly suffered for my drug free choices.

Inspired to live the placebo way

A young inspiring female doctor once said to me that “I should remain hopeful when taking a given treatment in order for it to have an effect, or to work at all.”

I never forgot those words because at the time they puzzled me. Once I began researching the placebo effect it was obvious what she was trying to communicate to me.

The power of the mind has a direct effect on the efficacy of any product. Use them both to the very best of your ability.


What does it mean to be better?

Sounds simple doesn’t it? But let’s take a moment to think about where we are headed.

To me, getting better means we live our lives in ways that change the inner landscape of our bodies in order to bring about lasting relief. To do this we have to use every possible means and not pin all our hopes on one pathway .

We can do this by making positive lifestyle changes and gaining a better understanding of what it is to own, use, and love a body.

Developing an inquiring mind and finding a new respect for life makes it impossible for us to keep injuring ourselves with bad foods, bad thinking, or the learned habits that lead us to disease.

Taking out those negative influences and adding positive nourishing influences builds health and gives you the greatest chance of bringing about arthritis remission.

Our goal is arthritis remission not symptom relief

Here’s how I see this….We are never going to be pristine untouched beings or 100% healthy. We are a collection of degrading organic matter that needs constant attention to stay in balance. Our simple mission is to get the most out of what we have, in the most pleasurable way possible, so we show up in our final days as our greatest possible expression.

Our “SOUL” aim should be to “get better.” To improve.

To achieve this we need to follow a simple recipe.

  • Remove all the bad stuff
  • Include all the good stuff
  • Raise our inner energy to higher levels.

Pretty simple eh!

You will have to give up some stuff, but I think I can persuade you that the things you put back into your life will be better and more pleasurable than the things we take out.
Our delicious juices, cakes, and other recipes will help you to make an easy, fun transition. In time you’ll wonder why you never made these simple changes to your life before.

But here’s something for you to think about that has puzzled me for years.

There is no cure for arthritis

If there is no cure for arthritis then what is the best we can hope for?
The only “cure” like option, from a medical science point of view, is remission.
So, If we can’t have a cure right now…..How do we bring about arthritis remission?

How you get there is up to you, but I want to help.

Your journey will likely start with you going to the doctor and taking medication in the hope that it will bring about remission. However, for that to be effective in the long term you will still have to change your ways and support your health more vigorously than you have been doing.

Here’s why.

You can’t take a medication for a long term serious health problem like arthritis and refuse to do the necessary work to put your body back in balance. It simply isn’t possible to get healthy that way.

That would be like putting petrol in a diesel engine and repeatedly taking your car to a garage to find out what went wrong. You wouldn’t need to ask the mechanic why the car only runs for 10 miles despite it having a new engine.  It would be obvious.
How can the poor mechanic have any effect on the long term outcome if you keep repeating the same error that caused the problem in the first place?

The same thing goes for health.

Give your inner healer (the mechanic) a chance to do the work! Positive long term changes cause positive life long results.


The good news is you get to choose how you make your health happy, and there is plenty of valuable wiggle room available for you to explore.
My 13 years of promoting healing through natural approaches has made me an expert on what it takes to turn my Rheumatoid arthritis around, but it hasn’t been easy.

The internet was a baby when I started out so I didn’t have any online resources like the ones you find in this website. I had to rely on inadequate knowledge and raw foods and juices alone. It wasn’t enough.
Now my mission is to bring all these loose ends together so you can use the knowledge diligently, and start making an impact on your condition as soon as you are diagnosed.

I found out the hard way, and hope that by sharing my information freely you don’t have to.


If there are no cures, what is important?

The only important consideration in living is that we remain happy, pain free, mobile, and alive.

Categorize the word cure however you like, but I know I have these gifts in my life.
If I don’t get a cure then I can live with that because I live like the cure. These treasures of life come to me through following the principles contained in this website. They allow me to live a happy, contented life, and I consider myself to be better than I have been at any point in my life for following them.

What does my Rheumatologist think?

My rheumatologist categorizes me as being in remission. I have the paperwork to prove it! But what does that mean, what is remission?

Here’s the dictionary definitions of the word.

1, The cancellation of a debt, charge, or penalty.

2, A temporary diminution of the severity of disease or pain.

I think she’s right on both counts! I am paying for my past mistakes, and getting the benefit of reduced disease activity as a result.
All this means I am better than I was, and I’m making great progress….What more can you truly ask for?
Maybe that is a type of cure, especially if the temporary nature of arthritis remission actually lasts forever.

I believe our understanding of what life means, and what an arthritis cure is, needs more careful consideration before we can understand the human body and get to work on being better.

Just think what you would be if you forced your arthritis into remission with these methods. The results would likely be astounding, because your overall health would benefit more than your arthritis health! Whht are you waiting for?

All I ask is that you remember this……. There are many ways to find health, and peace, and wholeness. This is your beautiful life journey. Enjoy it, seek out health, be happy, pain free, and live with the disease we call life gracefully.

 Diet for arthritis remission(Click to go to the diet section)


Making you sure you eat the right foods in the right quantities is the only way to beat disease and repair the damage it causes. Diet is only the first pathway on our journey, but be assured, we cannot get better without it.


detoxification for arthritis remission

(Click to go to detox)


Your body needs to be free from toxins so it can to do the jobs it does best. The unfortunate truth is that many of the things we put in and on our bodies are not very good for us. The world is getting more toxic too and that makes it more difficult for your body to get well. Toxins also cause disease so it’s vital that we remove these common everyday toxins right away and get on with healing.

Once you start to detox your system, you will start to see measurable result in all areas of your life.

yoga for arthritis remission

(Click to go to exercise)


Our bodies need many things to operate correctly, exercise is one of the most important.

Exercise pumps the lymphatic fluids and detoxifies the body through the skin as sweat. All that moving around also helps with digestion and eliminating wastes. Critical for getting well from arthritis! Exercise is more than just moving around and getting tired. It is the pumping system that keeps the inner workings clean and generates vitality.

supplementation for arthritis remission

(Click to go to the supplementation)


Supplementation gives our bodies the difficult to get the nutrients we can’t get from our foods. Changes in food availability give us the impression that this food abundance we have all around us means we have more nutrition. That is very rarely the case. If we don’t we miss out on the hard to get nutrients like vitamins and minerals that keep disease at a safe distance

Alterantive Remedies for arthritis remission

(Click to go to Alternative Remedies )

Alternative Remedies


There is just something about having someone place their healing hands on you that is strangely healing and comforting. Here we explore all of the less familiar healing modalities that are aligned with our deeper inner selves. You will find everything from massages and yoga to healing sounds and moxibustion.
Relax and enjoy this step, it’s beautiful.

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