Delicious and invigorating, this luscious juice provides an abundance of health benefits and is sure to leave your skin glowing with a luminous radiance.

Carrot apple and ginger juice is an incredibly nutritious beverage that can provide a wide array of health benefits. Not only does it taste great, but it’s also packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that can do wonders for your body.

All these ingredients when blended together create an amazing-tasting juice that will leave you feeling refreshed and energized! Plus by drinking carrot, apple, and ginger juice regularly, you’ll be able to reap all the incredible health benefits mentioned above; from improved digestion to stronger immunity. Carrot, apple, and ginger juice really do offer something for everyone!

carrot for carrot apple and ginger juiceCarrot apple and ginger juice is an amazing life-giving combination, just ask the godfather of juicing Jay Kordich.  Way back in the day,  50 years ago, Jay drank 13 glasses of carrot and apple juice a day to overcome bladder cancer….. Now that’s way back in the day for juicing! Carrot and apple juice cured and rejuvenated Jay and set him off on a celebrity journey that gave him the juice to earn himself a multi-million-pound fortune as well as become an international tv star!! If that’s not the best endorsement you could have then I don’t know what is?

Just think about what you could achieve with a super boost of carrot, apple, and ginger juice.

Carrots are everywhere and are available all year round, much like apples and ginger, they’re also very inexpensive so there’s no real excuse for not getting younger and healthier right now.  They’re super tasty too and contain the difficult-to-find antioxidant zeaxanthin which is found in the dark red colour pigments of the skin.  The human body cannot make this protective antioxidant so we must get it from our diet if we’re going to protect our eyes and bodies from the harmful effects of too much sunshine on the outside or from those marauding free radicals on the inside.

Add in the doc’s best friend (apple) to plum juice and you’ll be grabbing a light and tasty shot of summer fruit goodness! Perfect for when you’re soaking up all that lovely Vitamin D in the summer sunshine. Just relax and be safe in the knowledge you’re protecting yourself inside and out.


Apples protect the body from arthritis

apple for carrot apple and ginger juiceApples are one of nature’s most nutritious and delicious treats – and for those suffering from arthritis, they may offer even more! Studies have shown that apples can be beneficial for those who struggle with arthritis pain due to their anti-inflammatory properties.

The main compound that makes apples beneficial for arthritic pain is quercetin, a naturally occurring flavonoid found in many fruits and vegetables. It has been found to reduce inflammation, relieve joint discomfort, and even protect the cartilage by preventing its breakdown. Additionally, this antioxidant-rich compound can also help reduce stiffness in the joints as well as improve overall mobility.

Apples are also high in fibre which helps regulate digestion. Since poor digestion can often worsen arthritic symptoms, eating apples on a regular basis can provide relief from such symptoms. They are also rich in Vitamin C which helps boost immunity and prevent further damage from free radicals – something which is key in managing arthritis pain over time.

Including apples in your diet is easy; they pair perfectly with other fruits like bananas or oranges to create delicious smoothies; they make great additions to salads or overnight oats; or you could simply enjoy them fresh as an afternoon snack! Reaping the benefits of these tasty little treats has never been so easy – so why not start adding some apples to your diet today?


Ginger plays an important part in keeping us healthy but it also helps keep our skin looking beautiful too.

Ginger contains loads of wonderful organic, instantly bio-available Vitamin C which is essential for life and beauty. Natural bio-available Vitamin C is best because it goes exactly where your body needs it. Cosmetic companies usually use vitamin c as the main selling point because it’s one of our main antioxidants used for combating wrinkles and softening our skin if you’ve ever purchased skin care products you’ll know this.

ginger for carrot apple and ginger juiceGetting our Vitamin C through foods like ginger rather than chemicals manufactured with non-bioavailable Vitamin C will save you a fortune that you can better spend on health-promoting foods. You’ll also be getting the real stuff to keep you bright and healthy….Yippee!
What better way than eating tasty stuff like this carrot, apple and ginger drink or why not have a shot at some of this incredibly good Ginger tea for those peaceful moments of luxury?

Ginger puts fire in our digestive system and helps speed up the removal of harmful toxins as well as promoting healthy circulation, healthy clean circulation is essential to health and beauty. Our blood carries the nutrients to the areas of the body that need them most, if we fail to maintain a healthy and balanced blood supply to all parts of the body then we won’t get the full benefits of the nutrients we eat.

The digestive system extracts vital nutrients from our foods and supplies them to our bloodstream through the intestinal wall, a healthy intestinal wall is vital to aid this process and should be cared for with the same love you treat your skin with.. If not more! Our well-nourished and invigorated blood then takes the nutrients to our skin and helps smooth wrinkles and fine lines and fight acne, spots and other skin complaints. Get that blood pumping, and those nutrients moving and say goodbye to premature ageing and poor health.

Ginger has been shown to help in the prevention as well as treatment of Colon Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Morning Sickness, Motion Sickness, Cold and Flu Prevention and Treatment, Prevention of Diabetic Nephropathy and Reduce Pain and Inflammation.

For a real anti ageing boost why not treat yourself to a copper pillow? Copper-impregnated pillows have been shown to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by up to 10% when used in the eight-week study linked below.

Grab one! You and our beautiful skin deserve it!

Carrot apple and ginger juice ingredients

2 Large Organic Carrots, washed and trimmed

2 Organic Apples, Washed, cored and quartered

1/2 inch piece of ginger, peeled

 Making carrot apple and ginger juice

carrot apple and ginger arthritis fighting juiceWash the Carrots, apples and ginger in clean cold water.

Juice the lovely clean fruits in the above order in a  centrifugal or masticating juicer. If you prefer a fuller drink, such as a smoothie, blend the fruits together and add a little mineral water until you reach the consistency of carrot apple and ginger arthritis fighting juice you like best.

Pour the carrot apple and ginger juice into a glass or pour over ice for that extra summer coolness.

If you don’t have a juicer and require your carrot, apple and ginger juice to be a nice liquid drink (without the pulp) you can use a blender and then sieve the pulp out of the carrot, apple, and ginger juice before drinking. Carrot and apple pulps contain huge amounts of fibre and antioxidant colour pigments, it would be a shame to lose all those lovely pigments, so drink this one how you like it but don’t forget to include the pulp every now and then for your overall health and beauty.
Enjoy your carrot apple and ginger juice

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