WHY is CBD important?

The recent explosion of CBD products onto the market has been so incredible that it’s changed whole industries forever, and is bringing new products and companies to market by the day.
This race to provide us with new healing products, can only be a good thing because it gives us more choice and will eventually see a dramatic drop in the sometimes high prices of CBD and skincare products in general.

Hemp and it’s cannabinoid-rich essential oils are becoming the buzzword in the healthy skin and antiageing sector, with many industry leaders and commentators raving about the anti-ageing properties of CBD.
We all know that inflammation is in a large part responsible for ageing, so it is vitally important that anything we put on our skin fights inflammation and nourishes the dermis.

Skincare guru’s and medical professionals are actively promoting the wide range of skin health benefits of CBD products, but in my view, it has been you, the general public and  online community who has been instrumental in promoting the benefits of this miracle plant and its efficacy in everything from anti-inflammatory to the resolution of previously difficult to treat neurological conditions like epilepsy.

As a result, Humans haven’t been the only species to benefit! Our pets are starting to feel the therapeutic benefits from the amazing healing plant oil too.

No one could have ever envisaged the massive growth of the CBD beauty sector that these products have deservedly earned, so let’s take a look at some of the benefits and discuss the implications for healthy skin and immunity for disease resolution.

Hemp and its related products bring a huge variety of benefits to many skin conditions and can help in the maintenance and repair of healthy skin.

Cannabinoids from hemp flowers have been shown to eliminate and relieve many skin diseases and this is great news for anyone who has inflammatory skin disorders.

My personal experiences with CBD products

I can speak from personal experience when I say that CBD products work.

Gwen has received fabulous benefits from using CBD oil products both internal and topically.  So from that angle alone, I would urge anyone who has an autoimmune condition that affects the skin to try hemp products. 

So what are the benefits of CBD oil for the skin

Full-spectrum CBD oil is rich in many beneficial active compounds of the cannabis Sativa plant, these include flavonoids, amino acids, pigments, vitamins, Pnytonutirients, cannabinoids, Turpines, and other active compounds.

Many of these compounds are potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory chemicals which have analgesic properties. Analgesic Means temporarily relieving pain in simple to understand language.

This rich mixture of highly beneficial compounds is uniquely found in full-spectrum CBD oil.

These compounds act on the skin by relaxing it, preventing drying, boosting healing times, preventing further damage to the skin, and feeding the skin with oils and nutrients.

Depending on the base the CBD oil is mixed into, those oils can contain other skin revitalising nutrients like vitamin D, vitamin E, and many of the B complex vitamins which nourish the skin, help to slow ageing and maintain youthful vitality.

Coldpressed hemp oil can contain as much as 80% total Essential fatty acids and contains an ideal ratio of omega-3 to omega-six fatty acids. These natural compounds are very similar to the lipids in the skin and feed the skin by penetrating easily and deeply into cells thus providing incredible moisturising benefits.


Which can Conditions can see the oil be beneficial in

We have seen an alleviation of problems like acne, abrasions, psoriasis, eczema, and improved wound healing!  As well as it’s obvious anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing benefits.

Will using CBD creams and oils get me high?

Applying CBD oils or balms onto your skin will never get you high, the active compounds in CBD oil will almost never reach the bloodstream.

Using cannabinoids to get targeted relief in a specific area will not provide enough psychoactive ingredient to affect you in any significant way. Most creams and products now have zero THC of very very low concentrations of THC.

Absorption rates for cannabinoids through the skin I thought to be very low.

How can CBD oil help with pain

As you know my mantra is “stop inflammation and you stop the majority of the pain”  in any autoimmune condition.

CBD oil and balms products the body and help to ease localised chronic pain by reducing inflammation. They achieve this by binding the CBD with the CBD2  receptors in the skin which in turn provide anti-inflammatory benefits.

The Endocannabinoid system is a vast network of body-wide receptors that are responsible for modulating a wide variety of systems including the brain, endocrine system, nervous system, and immune system. Researchers have found that the endocannabinoid system is essential for maintaining homoeostasis in these systems.

CB2 receptors and inflammation

More than 100 Cannabinoids have been identified from the cannabis plant, with many of them having medicinal properties.
When we apply CBD topically it interacts with the CB2 receptors not only in your epidermis but also in your muscles, a 2016 report published on cellular and molecular life sciences found that when CB2 receptors that are targeted with cannabinoids they reduced immune system responses which play a role in many skin conditions.
My work with Gwen shows this to be the case and provides some evidence that sufferers of dermatomyositis and incurable and difficult to treat autoimmune diseases which have muscular aspects to them may be ameliorated in some way by CBD products.

When we use cannabis products topically they positively interact with the Endocannabinoid system receptors that are found outside of the brain.

So you can clearly see that we don’t need a neurological reaction from brain to body, as we would in the nervous system response, to achieve a result directly in the area where the CBD product is applied.

The combined therapeutic targeting of different systems may help to bring about better rates of therapeutic success that the current one disease – one target dogma that is espoused by the medical system.

When we treat our diseases internally and externally by using all of the tools at our disposal, we can undermine physiological processes from every angle.

Why is the skin so important?

Our skin is the bodies largest organ and is very complex, it provides the first line of defence against injury and infection so we should give it the respect it is due.

It should be supported with all the nourishing and anti-inflammatory compounds that we can give it to help it carry out its role of protecting us.

There is evidence that dysregulation of the endocannabinoid system is associated with dermatological. Disorders such as atopic dermatitis, scleroderma, skin cancer, and psoriasis.

Cannabis products and topicals offer consumers a safe low-risk way of exploring the anti-inflammatory benefits of plant medicine on the skin.

Many people still fear the old mantra about cannabis being a drug, but topicals and medicinal cannabis products are having such a massive effect on the health industry, and bringing so much healing pain relief, that the general population can no longer ignore the fantastic benefits of this beautiful healing plant.

Embrace the healing powers of the herb!


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