Anti-inflammatory food and arthritis killing juices are a staple in my arthritis diet. They are a powerful tool for detoxing the body and maximising your nutrient density levels. Furthermore, some ingredients in juices can boost the uptake of other nutrients!

Consider this fact.  Most sick people have nutrient deficiencies in one form or another. Once you understand this missing nutritional link, it’s easy to see why so many people receive immediate results from juicing.

This arthritis killing juice will boost your vitamin A levels through the roof, nourish you with arthritis fighting Malic acid (the major organic acid in apple,) boost nutrient uptake in the gut, and control inflammation with ginger’s anti-inflammatory gingerols.

[blockquote author=”” pull=”normal”]Recipe Instructions[/blockquote]

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: 10 minutes

Yield: 1 serving

This juice is easy to make and super powerful.

Simply clean, peel, and juice the produce and you’re ready to go! Add some herbs and spices if you like. Pepper and holy basil go really well with this juice, making it an anti-inflammatory nutrient rich powerhouse. Enjoy!


  • 2 Apples (Organic if possible)
  • 3 Carrots (Organic if possible)
  • 2″ piece Ginger (Organic if possible)
  • Good twist of black pepper (to taste)


  2. Use clean running water and give the produce a really good clean. Use an ozone generator to clean the foods if possible.
  3. Peel your produce and get ready to juice!
  4. Juice the produce in an Angel juicer or whichever juicer you have available. First pop some apple in to prime the juicer then add the ginger. Follow the ginger with carrots to make sure you get all that ginger goodness pushed right through the juice screen
  5. Mix a generous few cranks (to taste) of ground black pepper into the juice and stir before drinking.

When does this juice work best?

For me, this is a morning juice.
Sweet and light with a zingy kick and medicinal punch. Perfect for freeing us from the prison of brain fog which can often stop us getting on with our day.

For best results use “Granny Smith” or “Patul” variety apples as they have the highest concentrations of Malic acid. Granny smiths also give you that extra zing to the juice, perfect for cutting through the ginger.

If  “Granny Smith” apples aren’t available, don’t worry. Malic acid is abundant in all apple varieties, with an average content of approximately 920 mg per 100 grams of apple.

Added extras for arthritis killing juice power!

Adding turmeric to the juice will maximise the effects of the black pepper. Ginger and black pepper are both proven to help increase nutrient uptake in the intestine, Making the nutrients you eat with them more bio available.

You could also add some turmeric to the juice to maximise the black peppers effects. A little turmeric goes a long way and you certainly won’t notice any negative effects to the taste.

Recently a lot of attention has been placed on turmeric for it’s ability to interact with black pepper, but I bet you didn’t know that ginger also contains very similar active substances?

[bctt tweet=”Chemically, gingerol is a relative of nutrient enhancers, capsaicin, and piperine! Supercharge your food!”]

Chemically, gingerol is a relative of our two favourite nutrient enhancers, capsaicin,  and piperine!

No wonder ginger is so good for us!

So, if you want more bang for your buck take these nutrients in combination with other healthy foods and enjoy them with your juices.


Whenever I get the chance I like to drink at least two servings of arthritis killing juice a day. Missing this target is not really negotiable for me. When I do juice I like to add ginger, turmeric, or some other inflammation killer into the juice.
I recommend at least two good servings of juice a day between meals to get you optimally nourished.
Timed release of nutrients is everything! Especially when the metabolic syndrome that drives an auto immune conditions is working away in “turbo mode” trying to consume our bodies vital resources.
Keep the body fed “on time” and you reduce the possibility of muscle wastage and ageing.

Enjoy your juice and don’t forget …. keep moving and keep juicing!

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