Hi folks!
Thanks for stopping by!  My name is Wade Tate and I’m something of an arthritis miracle.

My reason for making this site is to show you how I naturally reversed my rheumatoid arthritis with mostly free and simple everyday stuff.  My life was destroyed with inflammation and deformity at 27 years old but I managed to naturally stop RA and regain my health. I have even reversed some of the crippling effects of the disease I have lived with for over 16 years.

Do we have a miracle?

This recovery was no miracle! Although, I constantly begged for help from the highest power in the early days.
My amazing results came from making healthy changes in my life and understanding the biochemistry of my disease.

Lots of people make outrageous claims on the web about treating disease, but I’m not one of those. My experiences are a verifiable and brutally honest first hand account of what it took to overcome RA.
Please feel free to take a look at the site and see the amazing, some say miraculous, recovery I made from rheumatoid arthritis and deformity.

I managed to successfully treat my advanced rheumatoid arthritis with natural methods

Why am I different?

My story is unusual because my treatment involved no doctors, or medicines, just natural wholesome foods and new food technologies.

During the first 6 years of my illness, I had almost no contact with a doctor at all!  Despite having the worse pain and disease symptoms imaginable I battled through the pain  fully aware of the potential problems I could face.

What made me go natural

My family history is littered with cases of RA and musculoskeletal diseases. Seeing these conditions unfold in the people I love taught me exactly what rheumatoid arthritis looks like and how it progresses when treated conventionally. I was no stranger to seeing the devastating effects of these diseases in everyday lives.

Unfortunately, there appeared to be very little symptom relief happening in my family when these conditions were treated conventionally.  This conclusion was based on my observations of the level of agonising pain and struggle my people were going through.

Subconsciously I knew that path wasn’t for me!
No way could I see myself giving up my personal responsibility to get myself better for the easy one size fits all solution that wasn’t working for my family.
As far as I could tell, no one was having an easy time of living with these diseases. Conventional treatments looked like a good excuse for being less engaged in the disease process and I didn’t understand why anyone would give away their power to a pill?
That approach looked like the easy way out of existence, not an easy way out of disease!

Remember there is no cure!

Please don’t be fooled into thinking that I opened the internet and saw folks curing disease with natural substances and thought I’d join in. The internet was a baby when I started doing my disease research and there was nothing in the way of natural health information on rheumatoid arthritis.

AOL provided the first opportunity to access the internet through the free cd that was spam dropped through my front door. Remember that deal?

The very first search I typed into the internet was  “cure for rheumatoid arthritis.”
Within seconds I was confronted with the sobering reality that there is no cure for rheumatoid arthritis or any type of arthritis.

The next searches lead me to the available treatments, all of which looked like a death sentence.
That didn’t appeal to my mind or body so I decided right then I had to take responsibility and write a different story to those who had gone before me.

I fully understood what I was getting myself into by not going to the doctor’s office, but I willingly and willfully travel the path that I am now on. Some say this is crazy but when I look at how other people are doing I often feel vindicated.

In the beginning I was terrified, but I knew I’d been living life in all the wrong ways prior to the onset of symptoms. This was the wake-up call I needed to make me face up to the responsibility to keep my body, mind, and spirit healthy, and to be consciously aware of how I show up in life.

My life is now an amazing, healthy, and joyous place to be. I have no pain, inflammation or rheumatoid arthritis.

How long did it take to get well?

My recovery has taken a full 16 years and counting. That may horrify you or sound like an eternity, but we need to remember one thing….RA will not go away if we take a pill. This disease is a life companion for most sufferers and something we’re going to have to live gracefully with, but that doesn’t mean we can;t live like we are cured.

There is no cure in medicine. Don’t believe me? Ask a doctor. However, if we live in the correct ways we can drive RA into a tiny dark corner so small that you may never encounter it again. We can also put out the fire of inflammation and rebuild cartilage, muscle and bone.

What should your treatment choices look like

That is totally up to you.
The information contained in this site is a document of my struggles, failures and successes. It is not medical advice! My reason for making this site is to share my insights with you in the hope that it will help you cut bad things out of your arthritis journey.

Taking drugs and toxic invasive approaches wasn’t an option for me. Your choice may be different?  I am not knocking drugs or doctors, they are both amazing in the right amounts.

And that is the key to a healthy future and recovery from disease. To “be better” we have to use all the resources and knowledge available to us.
Drugs, meditation, food, supplements, herbs, exercise, you name it! Use it all and when your through with one of these tools move on to the next one. But never stop learning or moving forward and always go back to try different solutions at different times in your treatment course because some products work differently for different levels of inflammation..

Keep changing things up and don’t get into fixed patterns of using any substance, including food. Keep changing your diet up to make sure you get all the required nutrients and take an open-minded try everything approach.

My journey seemed like suicide to some. Fortunately, I am now happy, healthy, and in full remission. My doctor has confirmed this despite me going it alone and drug-free. On reflection I could have done things better. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a tremendous resource like this site to lean on because the information hadn’t been collected in one place and the food technologies were in their infancy.
I had to work all this stuff out myself and I have suffered deformity because of that.

I hope I can save you some of the time and suffering I have felt.

Where did it all go wrong

My story starts when I was 27 years years old, working on construction sites.  I used to like a drink after work and a laugh and did all the usual things single guys of that age do. Little did I know that the lifestyle I was living would soon have a devastating effect on not just my health but on every decision I would make for the rest of my life.

One fine spring morning whilst working outside I felt a pain in my left foot that had me limping around in agony. Thinking I’d be able to “walk it off” I carried on working but soon I realised the pain wasn’t going away. My boss wasn’t happy with me leaving the site early, but I couldn’t walk so had to go home to rest my foot. This was no ordinary pain! This was a horrible grating, burning pain that left me literally feeling sick to my stomach.

Something was wrong….Really wrong, but I didn’t really give it too much thought. No way was I letting foot pain get in the way of drinks with the boys or my work. These things defined who I was!

My intention was to carry on in blissful ignorance hoping that I’d find some pill or potion that would help me get by until someone found a wonder cure….Like the ones promised in the daily newspapers! I didn’t really care about the details because I thought something will happen to take away the problem. It didn’t!

So, I distracted myself with whatever methods I could find to take the pain away and that usually meant ignoring it, talking painkillers like ibuprofen, or hobbling through the day and getting my co-workers to do the jobs I should have been doing.

My level of performance was severely affected and as a result, I gradually slipped out of employment and went to work doing odd jobs here and there. I would find myself hobbling around the job and people would ask me if I was ok.  I just said, “oh yeah, It’s nothing” and carried on trying to walk without hobbling.

I was a “tough guy”! Sorry, that should read ignorant idiot.

I managed to hobble along for the next six months, making small changes in lifestyle like taking cod liver oil and glucosamine. I naively thought these small, and all too late interventions might change the outcome of what was already a very serious situation.

Eventually, it became obvious that this strategy was going nowhere and one day I just stayed in bed, and stayed in bed, and stayed in bed. In fact, I couldn’t get out of bed! Rheumatoid arthritis had completely taken over my every function, So much so that when I next got out of my bed I had lost 6 stones and was unrecognisable from the 18 stone plus of well-trained man that laid down that day.

After transforming my lifestyle, thinking, and diet, I managed to cure my rheumatoid arthritis and reverse some of the damage the disease did to me. All without any help from prescription medications.

This website is a document of my arthritis recovery. I hope that you’ll find benefit in reading it. Furthermore, it is my hope that you’ll implement some of my discoveries in your own search for pain-free living.

Good luck and good health!


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