What is an anti inflammatory tea?

We all love super easy anti inflammatory stuff, right? So here’s a simple way to make inexpensive, powerful, and reusable anti inflammatory teas that fight inflammation, nourish the body, and save a fortune on tea bags.

The idea is a simple one that I’ve been using for years and it involves a cafetiere and any old spices, or anti inflammatory stuff, you can get your hands on.
Simply drop a mixture of herbs/ dried fruits/ berries/ roots and ginger into the cafetiere and steep it in hot water until it is well brewed.

Then drink it!!

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Here’s the kicker

This concept might sound gross to some people, but it’s not?
Cast your mind over to traditional brews like mulled wine and you’re on the way to understanding why some of these flavours work so well together.

I have so much fun making and drinking the soothing infusions as I test against my arthritis symptoms.
Usually my infusions are delicious and judging by the explosion of speciality teas that are abound today it seems many of you lot are getting on the healing tea vibe too.
That is great news!

Healing teas can save you money!

The great thing is this intervention doesn’t cost the earth, and is easy to slip into your daily routine.
If I don’t like the taste of a given tea or combination I’ve made I simply add a spoonful of enzyme rich honey to the healing mix and it’s all good.

The truth is honey makes some of these brews taste amazing and very very drinkable. The fruity ones are particulary delicious.

How do I make anti inflammatory teas?

The method is really simple.

  1. Take a cafetiere
  2. Insert ginger and spices
  3. Add hot water
  4. Allow to steep for approx 30 mins
  5. Add honey (to taste if required)
  6. Drink

Once the concoction is well brewed I allow it to cool to a nice drinkable temperature before adding the honey.
Now this is important!
We want to preserve all of the enzymes  from the honey in our teas so please don’t add boiling water directly into teas containing honey, or put honey in to boiling water.  Enzymes are destroyed at around 63 degrees centirgade and you will lose some of the healing power if you fry the honey, and tea, with boiling water.

There is evidence that adding boiling water to your teas destroys some of the beneficial compounds in the mixture. Some people suggest heating the water to around 65 degrees centigrade before adding it to the mixture.  With this in mind I usually turn the kettle off before it comes to a full boil.
However, this method isn’t real scientific so there is no certainty that I’m not over heating the mix and missing out on some goodness?.

Temperature controlled kettle

Temperature controlled kettle perfect for preserving enzyme life during tea making

Fortunately, there is a way you can get you boiling times and temperatures bang on.

During the first days of my tea making research I came across temperature controlled kettles…Who knew such a thing existed?

I can’t afford one and don’t have one, so I can only recommend the kettles as a good idea through my research.
If you want to buy a temperature controlled kettle then I think the one pictured seems to be highly regarded and looks kinda cool, especially when compared to some of the other more “unusual” looking temperature controlled kettles.


Why Use a cafetiere to make anti inflammatory teas?

Using the cafetiere keeps all the gross woody bits out of your fresh anti inflammatory tea, allowing you to enjoy it to it’s fullest potential. Another great bonus is the total lack of a tea bag!! Who wants to be sucking on a piece of recycled paper that may of been used for wiping something gross up? No way do I trust tea bag paper, and no way do I want to be unnecessarily sucking any toxins out of a tea bag!

I avoid the teabag at all costs.

My black tea drinking is kept to a minimum these days because of the heavy metal content that tea can sometime contain. If I do end up succumbing to a tea urge I always use a cafetiere to brew my infusions.
There’s no reason why you can’t do the same by ripping open the tea bag and watching the pretty tea leaves swirl and brew through the glass of the cafetiere.
It is a much cleaner way to enjoy your tea, and if you’re not already using this method I would recommend that you make the switch today.

More good news and awesome inventions!

Keeping on the move is important, so obviously you’re not going to be near the kettle all day long.
If your really unwell, you not be able to get up to go to the kettle for your teas, then fear not because help is at hand!!

Bodum cafetiere

Bodum cafetiere, great for anti inflammatory teas at home or on the move

These super snazzy one cup thermos cafetiere’s are now available and I think I might get one for when I’m out hiking the hills of Derbyshire.

What better way to get some exercise and then fight any rogue inflammation that might come to challenge you with a herb infused cup of goodness?
You could even throw a sprig of moor heather or some other stuff in there as you go and make it really authentic.

With this clever invention we can be active, healthy, and enjoy the warming flavours of these soothing anti inflammatory teas on the move.

Just don’t show it to your friends or they might want it!


The Super duper money saving bonus!!!!

The good stuff doesn’t stop there?!!

These beautiful healing tea’s can be used cold in smoothies! Obviously this boosts the power of any smoothie.

I love smoothies as a food replacement because they add more nourishment to your diet than eating endless plates of solid food. The nutrients in smoothies are also super easy to digest and go straight through the stomach wall rather than having to be ground out with hydrochloric acid and all of the internal stresses than can cause leaky gut syndrome.

Fruity Chia goodness in a tea

Adding your left over “cold” anti inflammatory teas to smoothies can add a zingy flavour and nutrient kick. They go amazingly well with berry flavours and cinnamon or apples and strawberries on top of a wonderfully thick and gooey chia seed gel base.
I soak chia seeds overnight in left over cold teas and add them to my morning smoothie. This way I waste nothing!

This is important if you drink bottled water as it can save you money on wasted tea, water, and some of the work in carrying this water that you’re then going to throw away.

Teas work well with smoothies that contain egg yolk too….. as long as you put the tea in cold!

Your anti inflammatory teas will keep in the fridge for days and will become a useful companion to add to your smoothie recipes.



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