On this site we cover some surprisingly simple ways to maximize health and help you fight disease. Drinking juice, taking supplements, creating your own arthritis tonics, are just some of the ways to support your health in these nutritionally deficient times.

What if I told you there was another secret, almost forgotten, arthritis fighting weapon out there that you might not be aware of!

We are talking about tinctures.

Sounds old fashioned, right?

Please leave your judgments behind because these supercharged liquids can help with a range of serious health concerns including:

  • Boost immunity
  • Enhance energy
  • Provide sublime relaxation
  • Boost fertility
  • Increase mental performance
  • Improve sleep and dream quality

That is quite a list of achievements for a simple homemade tonic.

What is a tincture

“A medicine that consists of a mixture of alcohol and a small amount of a drug”

The above passage is a dictionary quote taken from a popular online dictionary, but let’s be clear….We are not talking about putting drugs and alcohol together!

Anyone who’s eyes just lit up when they read that, please sit back down.
Here we are talking about using natural substances like turmeric root, ginger, herbs, or any powerful plant we have at our disposal and leaving them to soak in a small amount of strong alcohol before draining the liquid off and using it therapeutically.

Once the chemical extraction processes have worked their magic we are left with a medicinal liquid we can put into a small dropper bottle and use whenever we please.

How do you make a tincture?

What could be more simple?

I love the simplicity and wholesomeness of making my own tinctures from ingredients I know I can trust.
If that wasn’t awesome enough, tinctures can be your portable disease-fighting superhero.
A homemade portable saviour for your car, pocket, kitchen, bedside table, or handbag, just waiting to spring to the rescue and save you from pain and inflammation.

Let the pride flow as you whip out your secret weapon and master your symptoms with a wholesome natural product that you’ll be proud show off to your friends and call your own.

Are tinctures right for me?

Tinctures aren’t right for every occasion, and it’s not healthy to keep pouring endless bottles of anything into your body if it isn’t having the desired effect. However, most people should feel some benefit from making and taking tinctures.  Try experimenting on the wide range of substances I cover on this site and you might find multiple tinctures that suit you at different times.

Start with this tincture and move on to a turmeric tincture if you’re feeling adventurous. Please let us know how you got on in the comments below.

Why would tinctures work for my arthritis

Conditions like rheumatoid arthritis often manifest multiple symptoms on different levels at different times. Tinctures can help alleviate some of those intertwined symptoms, like brain fog, and help us make better judgments about what is triggering your symptoms.
This process of elimination can lead to a better understanding of your body and the types of inflammation you are suffering from.

Clarity is the key here!

Complicated autoimmune conditions need multi-pronged approaches and careful documentation to help you figure out what exactly your body needs.
For example, I used to take devils claw for inflammation and it did nothing for me. Yet the same supplement and brand now work just fine for my inflammation. The trick is to figure out what level your inflammation is at and then fight it with the right tincture.
There have been times when my rheumatoid arthritis has responded totally differently to substances at different times, but why is that?

The difference is in the stages of your disease.

When you’re just starting out with something like RA you may well have huge amounts of inflammation that only the strongest anti-inflammatories can shift.
This can be a real problem if you want to work naturally with your body because you may find that less powerful interventions don’t seem to work.
The problem here lies in the amount, and complexity, of the inflammation your body is producing and not the lack of power in the natural remedy.
Please remember, some natural healing substances work on just one inflammatory pathway, or work in very subtle ways.

If you are firing huge amounts of inflammation through bad diet or other stimuli you will never get the inflammation under control no matter what type of intervention you make. You are simply causing more problems than you are fixing.
When natural supplements fail to address your inflammation to your satisfaction we shouldn’t just throw them in the bin. We have to work on other areas of our lifestyle to eliminate whatever is firing the inflammatory cascade. Once we do that we are ready to try again!
Redeploying these powerful natural substances once we have stopped throwing fuel on the fire can bring about great relief and convince you of the power you once thought natural products lacked.

Why is that?

Massive inflammation is the result of multiple causes and injuries to your body. These multiple insults are going to need a range of care and support…Not just anti-inflammatory substances that remove symptoms.

Before we kick inflammation out of our lives we have to rebuild the broken bits of the body and restore proper function. Tinctures can help you rebuild and provide anti-inflammatory support.  Don’t give up on them if they don’t magically bring about a miracle on the first day.  This takes time.

The approach I keep is a positive one.
I try to keep an open mind and try everything approach at every stage of your condition. You will become more sensitive to the changes the tinctures have on your system over time, or at least once the inflammatory fires have subsided….Which they will.

Don’t get disheartened and always remember, we should never ditch a remedy until we have tried it at all levels of inflammation. Tinctures can help you separate the different strings of inflammation and stop them becoming one huge confusing mess.

Tinctures for health and wellness

Tinctures for health and wellness

Put simply

All this talk of inflammation can be confusing, but with a little trial and error you’ll figure out what works for you on big inflammation days.  The trick is to find out what your body needs, and take out what it doesn’t need, so that your poor confused immune system can be retrained to recognise friendly tissue as friendly and stop the attacks that cause inflammation and pain.

Sometimes all it takes to feel better  is having the knowledge that you are once again in power of your own destiny. Tinctures can be your take anywhere friend who kicks your inflammation back in the right direction. That could be a physical or mental kick, it doesn’t really matter as long as it gives you the power to get moving and start creating beautifully.

Tinctures cannot do this valuable work on their own. They have to have a healthy support crew of items that make recovery possible. The basics like organic food, the right supplements and a relaxed attitude with plenty of exercise are essential to recovery from chronic disease.
This is a stone-cold fact for self-treatment of any type of chronic condition, and please believe me you will have to self treat!

There is nothing a doctor can give you that restores the body from a chronic degenerative illness like a keenly observed healthy lifestyle. Drugs are great for what they are meant to be used for but they should not be solely relied on to keep you alive. You have to take the very best care of yourself if you’re going to stand a chance of making a decent sustainable recovery, and your doctor will tell you this.

Tinctures are powerful, and deserve your respect. Use them wisely and try them at every stage of the disease resolution process.  Please have faith in them and bless them with all of your love because when you and enjoy making natural healthy remedies you put your heart and soul in them and infuse them with goodness that heals. Please respect your tinctures and never abuse them.

How we fell out of love with tinctures

Tinctures have been making a roaring comeback in the last few years, partly due to the internet. That’s all good, but why did we lose our love of tincture?

I decided to find out.

It seems we just plain got distracted by the fancier modern medical solutions that deliberately moved our focus away from natural remedies. How can I make this bold claim? Simple, I looked at the number of mentions in written literature over the centuries and found a staggering decline in the usage of the word in the English language.

Below are the percentages of usage plotted over time

Conclusion: Healing starts at home

Whatever kind of arthritis you have you’ve got you’re probably finding that you have some pain going on and some time on your hands.
Why not start investing some of that time into making some tinctures to relieve your symptoms?

This is so easy and inexpensive to do and it works!  I get a lot of benefit from these beautiful things, especially because I put a lot of love and care into the making process.

My experience has taught me that getting involved in cooking and making wholesome foods, drinks, and remedies is a great way to get the very most out of an arthritis recovery.

That approach just teaches you about stuff that you don’t usually have the time to stop and notice.  The break arthritis puts on your life gives you a great opportunity to investigate all that small stuff,  like making tinctures and investigating the reasons why you became sick.

How many other 39 year old guys do you know who make tinctures…I’m guessing not many?

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